Leadership Team and Contact Information

Herbert J. Hoelter

CEO & Co-Founder

Herb Hoelter co-founded NCIA in 1977. Today, he is recognized as one of the country’s leading experts in sentencing and the federal prison system and in developing alternative programs to incarceration.


Carole Argo

Chief Operating Officer

Carole Argo assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer in 2015. She is responsible for the overall operations of NCIA and has senior management experience in various industries.


Yong Kim

Vice President of Finance and Administration/

Chief Financial Officer

Yong Kim assumed the role of CFO in 2017. She is responsible for the agency’s financial planning and reporting, general accounting, human resources, information technology, and real estate and fleet management.


Gary Antonino 

Chief Business Development Officer

Gary Antonino assumed the role on Chief Business Development Officer in 2019, moving from previous positions within NCIA since 2012. He is responsible for creating and developing new and existing programs of NCIA.  


Earl El-Amin

Vice President of Community and External Affairs

Earl El-Amin assumed the role of VP of Community Relations in 2005. He is responsible for maintaining the relationships NCIA holds with key community leaders. 


April Jensen

Executive Director of Adult Services and Programs

April Jensen assumed the role of Executive Director of Adult Services 2015. She is responsible for the operations of the Adult Residential Program and the Career Development Center.


Dr. Angela Chambers

Executive Director of Education, Youth in Transition School

Dr. Angela Chambers assumed the role of Executive Director of Education in 2016. She is responsible for the operation of NCIA’s Youth in Transition School. 





NCIA Contact Information 




Herb Hoelter 443-780-1311 hhoelter@ncianet.org


Carole Argo 443-780-1362 cargo@ncianet.org


Alice Keepers 443-780-1353 aboring@ncianet.org


Human Resources



Sandra Mock Myers 443-780-1321 smockmyers@ncianet.org


Recruiter recruiter@ncianet.org


Information Systems



Corey Benedict 443-780-1334 cbenedict@ncianet.org


For IT support submit requests to support@ncianet.org




Yong Kim 443-780-1351 ykim@ncianet.org


Accounts Payable


Crystal Han 443-780-1315 crystal.han@ncianet.org





Stephen Cooke 443-780-1354 scooke@ncianet.org


Adult Residential Services


April Jensen 443-780-1380 ajensen@ncianet.org



Dwayne Wilson 443-780-1344 dwilson@ncianet.org


Career Development Center




Business Services



Vanessa Harrison 443-780-1432 vharrision@ncianet.org


Youth in Transition School


Dr. Angela Chambers 443-780-1434 achambers@ncianet.org


Criminal Justice Services


Herb Hoelter 443-780-1311 hhoelter@ncianet.org


Suicide Prevention in Custody


Lindsay Hayes 774-361-6923 lhayes@ncianet.org





Administrative Office
7130 Rutherford Road
Baltimore, MD 21244

Career Development Center
2621 Lord Baltimore Drive
Baltimore, MD 21244

Youth In Transition School
7205 Rutherford Road
Baltimore, MD 21244

HJH Vocational Training Center - Baltimore
301 South Central Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21202

HJH Vocational Training Center - Charlotte
517 Blairhill Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28217



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