About NCIA

Since 1977, the National Center on Institutions and Alternatives (NCIA) has worked to break the destructive cycle often associated with the human service and correctional systems. We provide individual care, concern, and treatment for intellectual and emotionally disabled youth and adults and those involved in the criminal justice system.

Our innovative approach to service and care helps ensure that individuals connect with the community in ways that are comfortable and beneficial to everyone. We welcome all individuals without judgment and assist them in creating futures that are based on their personal experiences and individual definitions of success.

Founded by Dr. Jerome G. Miller and Herbert J. Hoelter, two of the country’s leading experts in developing alternatives to institutionalization and incarceration, NCIA’s mission is to help create a society in which all persons who come into contact with human service or correctional systems are provided with the care necessary to live their lives to the best of their abilities. NCIA is dedicated to developing quality programs and professional services that advocate timely intervention and unconditional care.

NCIA guides individuals toward productive, socially acceptable lives. Through unconditional care and personal attention, NCIA’s family of services helps individuals discover a world of possibilities as unique as they are.