March 26, 2020

I am writing to keep you informed of NCIA’s operations during this COVID-19 pandemic and to update you on actions NCIA has taken. This is a historic time in our nation, our communities and our personal lives. It is important that we all find ways to keep communication open and to maintain a positive attitude despite the challenges before us. The most important issue before us is staying healthy and to follow the CDC guidelines. All relevant information is included on our NCIA website ( health-updates/), so please look at that for COVID-19 updates and updated NCIA information.

As you probably know, we have had to temporarily close our YIT School and our Career Development Center. Unfortunately, we know this has put a hardship on individuals, families and caregivers. NCIA is determined to reopen our locations once we receive guidance from Governor Hogan that it is appropriate. In addition, NCIA continuously remains in contact with guidance from the Maryland DDA.

The Business Services team is still working on contracts and remaining flexible to support the constantly changing needs for the State of Maryland. NCIA is doing everything possible to keep individuals working who are willing and healthy. Our management team has been incredible at “thinking out of the box” and developing schedules to try to accommodate the needs of the individuals we support and our staff. NCIA is in daily contact with contract agencies to deliver services.

NCIA has taken tremendous steps to maintain health and safety. Thorough cleanings of buildings and vehicles have been completed. Staff have been trained on the CDC’s recommendations for cleaning, proper hand hygiene, social distancing and other strategies to minimize possible disease transmission. Finally, we have created sickness screening and disinfectant protocols for staff and individuals each time they enter a building or vehicle.

NCIA’s goal is to continuously provide all the individuals we support and staff the safest possible environment to work and return to when this crisis ends. Please contact the Case Manager or a supervisor for any additional questions.

Stay healthy and safe, and I look forward to the day we can celebrate the end of this Pandemic and a return to our regular schedules. Thank you.


Herbert J. Hoelter

Chief Executive Officer