As we enter our 8th week working under this COVID-19 pandemic, I would like to share with you an update on the steps NCIA has taken as an agency, and the status of our staff and the individuals who are part of our NCIA family. It is certainly a challenge, as conditions are changing on a daily basis. As your CEO, it is my responsibility to do everything I can to keep you informed. This update will primarily focus on our residential program, which has been touched most over the past seven weeks.

On the health side, we have been relatively fortunate to date. We had our first Agency COVID+ report 12 days ago, on April 13, 2020. To date, we have three Quarantine COVID positive residential homes, with one home expected to come off quarantine this week if the current conditions remain positive. We currently have three individuals who have tested positive; two are asymptomatic but in isolation in their homes; one individual who had pre-existing conditions is currently in the ICU. We have one other individual currently residing in one of quarantine homes whose test is pending and another individual that tested negative in a quarantine home. Additionally, we have been made aware of three staff who have tested positive and we are awaiting clearance from their doctors before they can return to work.

For those HERO staff working in our COVID houses, NCIA has taken two of our newly purchased houses and equipped it to provide lodging for any person to use on a voluntary basis while they are working in a quarantined home.

From a personal protection standpoint, we have provided masks and gloves for every staff and individual, and complete PPE equipment for staff and individuals in our COVID houses. As I informed you previously, it has been challenging to get PPE equipment from the state. As a result, we reached out to private vendors to secure the necessary equipment. We expect additional equipment in the coming weeks. We urge staff to wear their protection equipment at all times.

On the regulatory front, we have developed protocol and procedures following CDC guidelines, and have worked diligently to educate and train staff, particularly in the COVID houses. We are also in constant touch with DDA, the Maryland Department of Health and other regulatory agencies. NCIA is following the CDC notification protocols and all staff are notified when a COVID positive situation occurs and staff may have been exposed.

This pandemic is also impacting us from a financial perspective. We are losing almost $400,000 monthly in lost revenue from our Career Development Center, our YIT School and Criminal Justice Services. We applied for and received a stimulus loan, which we immediately used to supplement pay for our front-line staff, including job coaches. Over 270 of our residential staff and job coaches received a stipend of $2.50/hour in recognition of their daily interaction with our individuals.

Finally, I would like to ask each of you to make sure to take care of your personal physical and mental health. Wear protective gear whenever you go out and, equally important, if you or family members feel stressed or upset by this virus remember NCIA has an Employee Assistance Program for you to reach out for help. They can be reached at 1-888-293- 6948. Just tell them you are an employee of NCIA. It is natural to be emotional and fearful during these times. I have eight grandchildren ranging from 4 months to 14-years-old, and I pray for them daily. So please reach out if you feel the need.

Our goal as NCIA management is to support you, keep you informed, and to guide all of us through this pandemic. All of our programs are working diligently to get through this together and I can’t thank all of you enough as we continue to provide support and care for all of our individuals.

Please continue to monitor our website for COVID updates.

With thanks and gratitude,

Herb Hoelter

Chief Executive Officer