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Mentally Ill Inmate Suicide Rates Up

More than three times the number of people who suffer from mental illness are being held in jails and prisons these days instead of hospitals, a new study reveals. And a different study shows the number of mentally ill inmates committing suicide has doubled over the past 20 years.

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Experts for DOJ testify at Rader Hearing

The U.S. Department of Justice introduced expert testimony Thursday meant to support its request for a preliminary injunction that, if granted, would lead to a federal court order demanding improved conditions at the L.E. Rader Center.

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Stopping Suicides Behind Bars

Jail administrators and deputies, shaken by four suicides inside the Jefferson County jail in 2005, took serious steps toward preventing more in 2006.

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The Other Death Sentence

The State Department of Correction accepts, in principle, the 29 recommendations from a report released this week on suicide prevention in prison. The lack of defensiveness is promising. But the true test will be how quickly the prison system is able to implement the changes.

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