June 28, 2020

Dear Fellow Staff,

Yet another COVID-19 week is behind us, and we continue to improve, both at NCIA and in our communities. I feel so proud of all of our staff that we have “kept the doors open” in virtually all of our programs. Many agencies closed during this pandemic but your commitment to our clients and resilience have allowed us to continue our meaningful work. As a result, we have also been able to retain over 90% of our workforce.

Over the past 15 weeks, there has been a lot of discussion about “Heroes,” those people on the front lines of this battle against this virus. These well-deserved acknowledgements certainly include our NCIA staff working every day in all of our programs. Today however, I would like to acknowledge our “unsung” heroes, those who also work every day to keep NCIA operational. This includes our front desk staff, who monitor visitors and help keep us all safe. This group also includes our facilities department, which has worked tirelessly to distribute supplies, food, move furniture and keep our houses in good repair. And let’s not forget our fiscal and H/R departments, who have continued to make sure NCIA is fully functional. These are NCIA’s unsung heroes and deserve a huge Thank You!

On a program front, we continue to make progress in each department. Our Adult Residential Services program has received a number of new referrals, and our Business Services is almost back to normal, as many of the state offices we service have reopened. Our YIT School begins our virtual learning summer session July 6th and it will be a real challenge, but our school staff is up for it! And in a remarkable feat, the HJH/VTCs have started two new cohorts, with over 135 students in Baltimore and another 75 students in Charlotte. We have also resumed staff training and have developed a SAFE training room in the school gym, with classes of no more than ten people with PPE gear and social distancing.

We are making plans to re-open our administrative headquarters, and procedures and protocols are being developed and reviewed. We are making progress, but our primary goal is staff safety and that will not be compromised. As NCIA reopens, we will need to be respectful of each other and remember the “new normal.” Our success to date has been because we followed our procedures-let’s keep it up!

I cannot thank you enough for your continued hard work, your patience and perseverance, your flexibility and most importantly, your commitment to our clients. At NCIA, we make a difference in hundreds of lives every day, which not many people can say about their jobs.

With continuing regards,

Herb Hoelter

Chief Executive Officer