July 5, 2020

Dear Fellow Staff,

I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July, albeit a more restrictive holiday given the COVID-19 cloud we are living under. I also hope you followed the protocols we have been preaching for the past four months of wearing your masks, washing your hands and social distancing. These procedures have worked amazingly well to date for NCIA’s workforce, so we need to keep it up!

On that note, as of Monday, July 6, 2020 we are opening up our administrative offices at 7130 Rutherford Road on a limited and restricted basis. Administrative staff will be returning on a staggered schedule, and we will be trying to have no more than 50% of our staff in the building at a time. Staff will be required to fill out a health questionnaire every time they come to work, and safety procedures will be strictly enforced. There is also signage throughout the building as constant reminders. All of these procedures are posted on our website. We should thank our Compliance, Human Resources and Communication Departments for working diligently to put all of this together.

Also, as mentioned last week, we will be resuming training in our YIT School gym with restricted numbers and safety procedures. Additionally, we conducted a virtual New Employee Orientation, as we are continuing to hire new employees in many of our programs.

One of the significant challenges we will face this week is the re-opening of our YIT School program. Following a two-week hiatus, our summer school session begins on Monday and students will begin their virtual learning summer school program. YIT leadership, teachers and professional staff have worked hard to develop a curriculum that will maintain the interest and needs of our students to continue to move forward with their education. Those of you with children who missed the last quarter of instruction by their respective schools understand this challenge.

Our other NCIA programs continue to serve their respective populations in a professional and sensitive manner. As hard as this virus has been on each of us, you can double or triple that for our individuals. Many of our VTC students live in homeless shelters, our DDA residential clients have limited access to their families and many of our day program participants are prohibited from even doing distance learning. As we cope with our own struggles during this pandemic, please keep in mind those less fortunate.

I hope the COVID-19 numbers continue to decline in Maryland, and that our NCIA family continues to stay safe. If we continue to follow our protocols, we will return to our “new normal” sooner rather than later.

With continued gratitude,

Herb Hoelter, CEO