HJH Vocational Center



Herbert J Hoelter Vocational Training Center

301 South Central Ave.

Baltimore MD 21202

HJH Contact Information:

Gary Antonino




Walter Billips




The National Center on Institutions and Alternatives (NCIA) is opening its door to a new Vocational Training Center in East Baltimore. The goal is to provide a myriad of training’s for veterans and returning citizens.

One of the Vocational Training Center’s missions is to equip its participants with marketable skill sets that will afford them career paths enhancing their quality of life. Our vision is for each participant to become a productive member of society.

It is named after NCIA’s Co-Founder and CEO, who has dedicated his 40-year career to providing opportunities for this population.

Additional Information: 

Courses begin September 25th and run through December 27th

Each cohort runs for 13 weeks

Program participants are employed prior to graduation through our partners.


Our Vocational Programs Include:

Automotive Mechanic Training/ Automotive Painting

DAYCO Certification

ASE Certified


CDL Class B License Training

Graduates complete program with CDL Class B License


Construction Division 9 Training

Safety Certified