An individual employed by NCIA has been awarded an Employee of the Year award by Maryland Works Inc. at their 10th annual awards luncheon.

Mr. Song has been a dedicated employee at Giant since 2015. Jason performs various tasks while at his worksite. He works as a cart attendant, bagger, and stocker when needed. Jason takes pride in being a very dependable, sociable, and hard working person. In the past, Jason has been awarded “Best Employer of the Quarter”. He is very charming and social as he interacts with staff and customers. Some members of the community refer to him as the “Mayor of Giant”. Jason’s sense of self-worth and confidence has increased since his start with Giant. Jason follows directions well and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Jason’s work has been consistently high quality and his work habits have been admirable.

Jason is also currently working toward earning his driver’s license and on days he does not work at Giant, he works at his father’s law firm completing various tasks such as inputting data into the computer.

Congratulations to Jason on this outstanding achievement!