Maryland’s ‘Move Over Law’, which was meant to protect the occupants of emergency response and law enforcement vehicles conducting business on the side of the road, will expand in October to include other types of vehicles.

Starting October 1st, the law will also apply to transportation, service and utility vehicles, as well as waste and recycling trucks, with yellow or amber flashing lights or signal devices.

Click Here for MOVE OVER video from the event! 

The law requires drivers approaching one of these vehicles from behind (when the vehicles are stopped on the roadside) to move over a lane if there is another available lane going in the same direction, if the move can be made safely without impeding other traffic.

If the driver is unable to make a lane change, the law requires drivers to slow to a reasonable speed that is safe for existing conditions while passing the vehicles on the roadside.

Maryland State Highway Administration officials were part of the announcement of the law’s expansion at the I-95 rest area which is an NCIA total care facility.

NCIA’s Business Services Team spent a week making the area look pristine for the announcement and the shooting of a public service announcement regarding the law.