On November 12, 2015, Maryland Works hosted their 8th Annual Employment Awards Luncheon to recognize individuals that have achieved their career goals despite having a disability, as well as honor service providers that secure employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

This year NCIA received recognition for successfully delivering employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities through Maryland Works. Annually, NCIA provides an average of seventy individuals with jobs through our Supported Employment Program.  We currently provide staffing for eleven janitorial contracts for sites including MTA stations, MVA buildings, Martin State Airport, Annapolis Data Center, Springfield State Hospital and several more.

Not only was our organization honored, we were also able to elect three of our individuals to receive recognition for displaying constant optimal job performance. The three individuals we felt most appropriate to receive acknowledgment this year were Yusef Bilal, Jerome Harvey and Robert Lewis.

At the awards ceremony, Yusef, Jerome and Harvey were each called to the stage to receive verbal praise and appreciation for doing so well in the workforce. These three people come to work promptly every day, are very respectful and have maintained longevity with the contracts they work. Their recognition was well deserved. Congratulations guys!

We would like to give a special thanks to Vanessa Harrison, Director of Supported Employment and Contracts, for her dedication to finding and managing our Supported Employment contracts with Maryland Works!


Maryland Works Awards Ceremony