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Here at the Herbert J. Hoelter Vocational Training Center we have a myriad of vocational training programs available to the public. The Populations that we serve are Veterans, Returning Citizens, Disadvantage individuals receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance, and underserved youth ages 18 and above. The vocations that we offer are Automotive Repair, Commercial Driver’s License Class B, Un-Manned Arial Systems (Drone) Training, and HVAC/R Training. Each vocational track will receive an industry recognized certification that graduates will be able to use to assist with job attainment.

The additional services that are offered here at the vocational Training Center include; Workforce development training, Financial literacy, and Case management.

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                Automotive                                    CDL                                       DRONE                                HVAC





Tony was an ARMY Veteran who found himself homeless and unemployed after service to his country. He entered the Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Class B training class at NCIA with hopes of turning his life around. In addition to his unemployment and homelessness, Tony also had fines, that caused his driver’s license to be suspended, back child support that caused him other judicial problems, not to mention having no transportation. Through NCIA’s exhaustive efforts to provide supports to Tony and partnering with other agencies who also have supportive resources, Tony was able to have the flags on his driver’s license waived, obtain a housing voucher to have a place to call home, receive daily transportation tokens, and get on a payment plan for child support to alleviate his judicial pressures.

Upon completion of his 15-week training cycle, Tony was able to not only obtain his CDL Class-B License, but also obtain a position as a drive for a local bus company earning an hourly wage of $23.00. Tony’s dedication to the program and NCIA’s commitment to Tony has proven to be a perfect recipe for empowering communities and changing lives.



 Jim was in active opioid addiction living with his family as a functional addict. Through the horrific impact of his addiction, Jim’s wife of many years unfortunately fell victim of an opioid overdose. Jim began to spiral and ended up in a homeless shelter looking for a way to turn his life around. Jim walked into the doors of NCIA and asked for an opportunity to enroll in class. Since he had some training as a truck driver, Jim asked for an opportunity to enroll in Commercial Driver’s License training. Once informed that classes were full, that all current funding was exhausted and he would have to wait until the next cycle began, he was devastated. Discouraged but not deterred, Jim stood firm and said that if NCIA allowed him to enter this current class he would be the best student we have ever seen.

Although funding had been exhausted for the current class, NCIA allowed Jim to enter the CDL Class-B driver’s license training class. Jim began to fly through the curriculum, passing his Department of Transportation (DOT) physical, gaining all of his endorsements, and obtain his permit within the 15-week time frame. Jim then went on to pass his Commercial Driver’s License test and obtain his license. Once licensed and eligible for employment, NCIA interviewed Jim for the position of CDL Class B instructor and hired him on the spot. In addition to his vocational training, Jim concurrently attended partnering programs for his addiction and is living drug free, employed and providing hope for other students facing the same challenges that he was able to overcome. As the National Center on Institutions and Alternatives, we strive to find innovative ways to help those in most need of help and supports.


 Robert was a veteran of the United States ARMY with an extensive background and years of training in Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVAC/R). After serving his country, he found himself in an unfulfilling job and having consistent troubles acclimating to the civilian world. Being faced with hard times, Robert made the terrible decision to turn to a life of crime by way of several bank robberies. He was subsequently apprehended and sentenced to several years in the federal penitentiary. Upon his release Robert reverted back to the criminal lifestyle and was sentenced to multiple years in the State prison system. Terribly disappointed in his decision making and ashamed of the things he had done, Robert knew it was time for a change. Once he served his debt to society in the State prison system, Robert was determined to never spend another minute behind bars. With a day to day job, no home, no systems of support system and no transportation, Robert walked through the doors of NCIA looking for a hand-up not a hand-out. He informed NCIA that he was on food stamps and wanted to be able to have a job that provided him enough money that he could be off of food stamps and provide for a family. Through an existing partnership with the state Department of Human Services NCIA was able to provide Robert vocational training to enhance and develop his HVAC/R skills and training. Once in training, in true military fashion, Robert immediately excelled in both the theoretical and practical application of his skills. As a result of his superior performance in class, upon graduation from NCIA, Robert was offered a position as the lead instructor for the NCIA Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVAC/R) program. He is no longer receiving a food stamp supplement, has a fulfilling job that provides him a sense of pride that he can now pass on to his students. Robert is living proof that if organizations like NCIA continue to partner with state and other agencies, never give up on the clients we serve, success is right on the horizon.





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