There will be tables/racks in the front lobby area for Residential staff to pick up cleaning supplies in the future.  This may be done on Fridays between 1pm-2pm.

All staff and individual-supported checks should be picked up from the front lobby only.  This process will be overseen by the Receptionist on duty with guidance from the Finance Department.  Staff must wear a mask when entering and it must remain on the entire time.  If an individual will not wear a mask, they cannot enter the building with the staff.  Please make arrangements in advance if necessary.

Any staff with assigned workspaces in the building may now work the entire day but only on their assigned day of the week.  Any changes in schedule must still be cleared with the Human Resources Department at least an hour prior to your anticipated arrival time.  Entry may be denied if notification is not given.

Anyone who is not assigned to work in the building (other than supply pick-up) will NOT be allowed into the building if they do not have a scheduled meeting that is communicated to the receptionist/Human Resources in advance.

No meetings may be scheduled between employees (in person) and their supervisors in the Administrative Building.  Meetings should be held via video conference call.  Anyone lacking the access to host video calls or with equipment challenges should contact their Director who will get the technical issues resolved immediately.

Staff who visit the building to pick up items (e.g., supplies, medications, etc.)  up should leave the building immediately afterwards and not “roam” to “catch up” with other staff. Staff should not gather in offices, hallways or the lobby simply to speak with other staff or supervisors.

Any paperwork that needs to be dropped off for Human Resources can be left in the “drop off slot” outside the main building.  This will be checked daily and any paperwork distributed to the correct NCIA department/employee.

The entire Safe Reopening Plan for the Administrative Building is attached. As a reminder protocols for all NCIA programs can be found on the Safe in All Settings Page of our website here:


For any questions, concerns or clarification of these protocols please contact

Sophia Lawson, Director of Quality & Compliance/Chief COVID-19 Officer

(443) 894-0907


Sandra Mock-Myers, Director of Human Resources

(443) 414-9038