Did Sean Payton deserve a “Madoff sentence”?

The recent sanction of New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton by Commissioner Roger Goodell and the accompanying debate on the severity and harshness of his one-year suspension has significant parallels in the sentencing of criminal defendants in high profile cases. The one that comes immediately to mind is the sentencing of Bernie Madoff.

NYPD Inspector General Confirms “Broken Windows” Policy Success is a Myth

The NYPD Office of the Inspector General issued a report yesterday confirming what many criminal justice academics, journalists, and advocates have been saying for years: the NYPD’s intrusive “Broken Windows” policy had no measurable effect on serious crime.  The report concluded that not only does aggressively policing “quality of life disorders” not prevent serious crime, its “cost is paid in police time, in an increase in the number of people brought into the criminal justice system and, at times, in a fraying of the relationship between the police Continue reading →

Art Teacher

Department: YIT School Reports To: Assistant Director of Education FLSA Status: Non-exempt GENERAL PURPOSE: The Art teacher facilitates the state approved and county supported curriculum and teaches High School, Middle School and certificate of completion art classes to students with behavioral and learning disabilities. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: • Plan and create lesson plans supporting the curriculum. • Offer art activities and projects that support the diverse nature of the students • Partner with clinical staff to offer art based activities as requested. • Maintain Continue reading →

NCIA files FOIA request with BOP for Compassionate Release Data

The BOP has come under strident criticism in recent years for its failure to adequately respond to inmates’ requests for compassionate release (also called Reduction in Sentence “RIS”).  Groups like Human Rights Watch, Families Against Mandatory Minimums, and Public Source have written about the paucity of inmate compassionate release requests that successfully make it through the layers of bureaucracy, as well as the inadequacy of the BOP’s record keeping.  However, a critical April, 2013 report by the DOJ Inspector General seems to have been the Continue reading →

Physical Education/Health Teacher

Job Title: Physical Education and Health Teacher Department: YIT School Reports To: Principal FLSA Status: Exempt Status: Part-Time   GENERAL PURPOSE OF THE JOB: Under the direction of the Education Director, plans and provides for appropriate learning experiences for students.  Instructs and supervises students in a variety of school-related settings.  Monitors and evaluates student outcomes.  Performs other duties as assigned to educationally, emotionally, behaviorally and physically handicapped students. Provide academic and social supports in a variety of content areas and provide positive behavioral supports intended Continue reading →

Instructional Assistant

Job Title: Instructional Assistant Department: YIT School Reports To: Assistant Director of Education FLSA Status: Non-exempt GENERAL PURPOSE OF THE JOB: The Instructional Assistant works directly under the supervision of the classroom teacher to help implement the instructional program. The duties and responsibilities of the Instructional Assistant include carrying out teacher-planned activities with students, assisting with classroom and outdoor supervision and clerical work. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Work with individual students and small groups of students in teacher planned instructional activities. Collect and record instructional Continue reading →