One Fight at a Time– Joshua Zimmerman Earns Amateur Boxing Certification

Joshua Zimmerman is an individual in NCIA’s Career Development Center. After overcoming previous obstacles in his life Joshua is fighting new battles, this time in the boxing ring where he recently earned his amateur license.

For three years Joshua has worked on NCIA’s Business Service contracts removing bulk trash, moving furniture, and working on general home improvements. For the past two years he has also taken up an interest in boxing. Now Joshua trains five days a week. He competes in the super lightweight division and currently has a 3-1 record. He  most recently competed in the Golden Gloves event where he lost to the eventual champion and Joshua is training to return to the event. He is a student of the sport and always looking for ways to improve. Boxing has taught him about focus, discipline, personal health, and having a hard work ethic.

Joshua’s job coach, William Wilson, has noticed how boxing has created a change for the better in Joshua. It gives him something to look forward to and provides motivation. Josh knows that when he wakes up and has to go to work he gets to go to the gym afterwards. William says he can see the excitement and passion Joshua has as he shares it with his co-workers as well. He has spread the excitement to others and really set a good example with his positive attitude.

Joshua is a hard worker on the job and in the gym.  Everyone at NCIA is proud of his achievements and wish him the best of luck with his boxing career. He has set his goals on becoming a professional boxer.