As you have been notified, NCIA the number of COVID “outbreak homes” that NCIA has been reporting has been on the rise.

While these situations are not to be taken lightly, we would like to share with you why this spike is happening.

The Maryland Department of Health (MDH)  determines if a specific residential location is an “outbreak” location. Until recently, an outbreak home was designated only if an individual tested positive in a home.  This has changed so now the MDH designates an outbreak if either an individual or staff member becomes positive.  Additionally, the MDH is requiring testing for every staff member in an outbreak home and in some cases they may retest to confirm negative test results.

Currently, we have had 8 outbreak homes during the month of October but only two of the homes have had residents test positive. So far a total of 69 people have been tested in the outbreak homes; 11 staff/individuals were positive (16%) and 58 (84%) were negative.  In all our homes that have been designated as outbreak we have seen the majority test negative.  This just demonstrates that our safety protocols are working when followed.

Please remember safety has been and remains our number one priority. Our protocols and procedures are working when followed correctly and we strive to remain as transparent as possible when keeping our staff, individuals, families, and supporters informed.