NCIA is pleased to welcome Patrick Boyce as a Federal Mitigation Specialist/Senior Advisor for our Criminal Justice Services. Patrick will work on the front lines with clients explaining and coordinating all aspects and benefits of our sentencing mitigation and consultation services, as well as fielding questions and concerns from defendants, family members and defense attorneys.

Patrick joins NCIA after founding and directing his own criminal justice services firm for over a decade. He brings a wealth of knowledge and invaluable first-hand experience to NCIA clients.

Patrick counts his greatest attribute as having personally experienced every aspect of the federal criminal justice system – from arrest, indictment, trial and sentencing through incarceration, supervised release, and the rebuilding of his life after a period of incarceration. As a result of his experiences, Patrick decided to dedicate his life’s work as an advocate for those defendants and families faced with the possibility of federal incarceration. Patrick has appeared on numerous national television and radio shows.

Herbert J. Hoelter, NCIA’s co-founder and CEO, stated: “Having pioneered and worked in the sentencing mitigation and prison consultation field since 1977, we welcome the resources, experience, and compassion Patrick brings to our organization”.

Prior to his indictment, Patrick owned a successful investment firm in the New York area. He is a graduate of the State University of New York and shares his insight, knowledge and experience as a professional prison consultant and author of “Indicted – A Defendant’s Guide through the Federal Criminal Justice System”. Patrick now makes his home in the Columbus, Ohio area with his wife and three children, working tirelessly in the interests of our NCIA clients.