In collaboration with our CEO, Herb Hoelter, we are informing you that the number of positive COVID cases at NCIA is on the rise. Last week, we provided information regarding the rise of cases in the country and the state. This trend is now seen at NCIA over the last two weeks with new confirmed cases and a number of new outbreak homes.

WE NEED TO BE EXTRA CAREFUL AND CONTINUE TO BE DILIGENT ABOUT FOLLOWING ALL OF OUR PROTOCOLS. All of NCIA’s protocols remain in place. No restrictions have been relaxed or lifted.

You are not only responsible for protecting yourself, but keep in mind you are responsible for protecting your fellow co-workers.

Be responsible, and make safety a top priority in your personal lives.

Please insure that anyone going to ANY NCIA LOCATIONS follow all safety protocols including full face protection, symptom screening, and hand hygiene. Responsibilities for staff working in any NCIA location include wearing your mask at all times, proper use of PPE, following proper cleaning procedures, washing your hands, and all of the SAFE protocols we have mandated throughout these difficult times.

If any staff member is NOT complying to these policies and procedures, they should be reported to their supervisor or the compliance hotline at (443) 780-1319.

Any additional information regarding data or prevention resources can be found here:

NCIA Safe in All Settings Protocols can be found here: