NCIA Services

Since 1977, the National Center on Institutions and Alternatives (NCIA) has worked to break the destructive cycle often associated with the human service and correctional systems. We provide individual care, concern, and treatment for intellectually disabled youth, adults and adolescents, and those involved in the criminal justice system.

NCIA’s provides a range of services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our services include residential homes in the community, mental health services and employment training and other related programs for adults and youth. Additionally, NCIA operates a non-public specialized education school accredited by the Maryland State Department of Education for youth in grades 6 through 12.

NCIA’s criminal justice advocacy services provides a range of services, such as federal sentencing expertise, prison consultation and parole advocacy to defense attorneys, defendants, inmates and court systems throughout the country. NCIA is also recognized as one of the leading experts in the prevention of suicide in custody.