Annual Ladies Night Out

NCIA hosts an annual Ladies Night Out, where the ladies in our residential program are pampered for the evening. Festivities include spa treatments, professional make-up and hair styling, delectable food and fun for all!

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The mission of NCIA Adult Residential Services is to assist individuals with developmental disabilities, as well as adults with complex needs and challenging behaviors, dual diagnoses of intellectual disabilities and mental illness, physical disabilities, medical needs and/or autism, in developing independent life skills to assist them in attaining the fullest level of community integration and inclusion possible. Throughout this process, family relationships and support are also strongly encouraged.

Based on a model of small alternative living units, we provide physical, clinical, and social environments designed to provide stability and continuity for individuals who would otherwise require institutional services or involvement with the criminal justice system.

Through training, supports, resources, and individualized care, NCIA Adult Residential Services help develop levels of proficiency in self-determination and self-advocacy that enable our individuals to make meaningful life choices and attain their desired outcomes in the least restrictive, highest quality community alternative possible.