Suicide continues to be a leading cause of death within jails, prisons and juvenile facilities throughout the country. Landmark studies from NCIA’s Suicide Prevention in Custody Services have found that the suicide rate in county jails is several times greater than that of the general population, while the suicide rate in prisons remains slightly higher than in the community. It is essential that correctional agencies implement a sound suicide prevention policy, including the critical component of staff training, to help alleviate the risk of inmate suicide and costly litigation.

NCIA has extensive experience in providing suicide prevention and liability reduction services to both local and state correctional agencies throughout the country, including policy assessment and development, staff training, and expert witness consultation.

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  • The Preventable Death of Sandra Bland: Lessons Learned August 4, 2015

    Were it not for the troubling circumstances surrounding her arrest, the nation would have never heard about the preventability of her death. In the late afternoon of July 10, 2015, 28-year-old Sandra Bland was driving through Texas on her way to a new job when pulled over by a Texas (…)

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  • Staff not at fault in high-profile prison suicides, report finds December 20, 2013

    The suicide of Ariel Castro — who blamed his female victims and addiction to pornography for his shocking crimes — was “not surprising and perhaps inevitable,” two consultants hired by the state said.

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  • Report: Rash of Suicides at D.C. Jail Points to Deep Problem With Inmates’ Mental Health Care November 26, 2013

    Health providers and corrections officers at the D.C. jail are poorly trained to identify potentially suicidal inmates, take shortcuts in assessing and monitoring their mental conditions, and in some cases leave inmates naked and in isolation for days, according to a highly critical report released Thursday.

    The report comes after four suicides in less than 12 months at the District’s Central Detention Facility, where the suicide rate catapulted to three times the national average, jail officials said.

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