Training Curriculum and Program Guide Reviews

Here’s What Some Practitioners are Saying About the Training Curriculum and Program Guide on Suicide Detection and Prevention in Jail and Prison Facilities

“The Training Curriculum has been used as a pilot program sponsored by the State Sheriffs Association. The participants overwhelmingly enjoyed the training; the information delivered was relevant to their daily jobs. It is anticipated that we will use this training program again in 2017 as part of our continuous strategic plan of providing training to all Sheriffs, Jail Administrators and their staff….There was so much source material that we originally scheduled a 12-hour training, but found there was so much more valuable information and class interactions were so good, soon realized 12 hours was not enough. We will now be extending the course into a 24-hour training.”

-Training Coordinator, State Sheriffs Association

“The Curriculum is a core element to my training library. Thanks for placing current information on the subject areas necessary for the training of suicide prevention in one detailed manual. It’s a powerful resource tool.”

-Training Director, Major County Jail System