April 28, 2020

Dear Fellow Staff:

It is with incredible sadness that I share the news that an adult we supported in our residential program over the past six years has died from complications related to the COVID-19 virus.

This individual had underlying health conditions, was admitted to the hospital last Sunday and passed away yesterday evening. We are heartbroken for his family, his roommate, and our staff who supported him.

NCIA has worked diligently to implement COVID-19 precautions as shared by the CDC, Maryland Developmental Disabilities Administration, the Maryland Department of Health and other health officials and our plans are constantly communicated and included on our website under COVID19 Health updates (http://www.ncianet.org/ncia-health-updates/).

As previously stated, NCIA had our first Agency COVID19 report 12 days ago, on April 13, 2020. To date, we have three Quarantine COVID positive residential homes, with one home expected to shortly come off quarantine if the current conditions remain positive. We currently have two other individuals who have tested positive; two are asymptomatic but in isolation in their homes. We have two additional individuals that tested negative residing in two separate quarantine homes. Additionally, we have been made aware of three staff who have tested positive and we are awaiting clearance from their doctors and the Maryland Department of Health before they can return to work.

NCIA continues to make our top priority the health and safety of our employees and our individuals. We thank all our dedicated staff that provide the supports necessary for the health and safety of the people we support during this unprecedented pandemic.

If you have any questions please speak with Sandra Mock-Myers, Director of Human Resources at 443-780-1321. If you are in need of assistance from this unfortunate news, please use the Employee Assistance Program at 1-888-293- 6948


Herbert J. Hoelter

Chief Executive Officer