For the past 25 years NCIA’s Youth in Transition school has provided a structured learning environment that has supported the maximum development of each student. Before 65 students reported for class on Tuesday, September 5th, we sat down with Executive Director, Dr. Angela Chambers, to discuss the upcoming school year.


Q: YIT is very unique compared to other Baltimore Area non public schools. Can you tell me more about your school?

A: NCIA’s Youth In Transition School (YIT) is certified by the Maryland State Department of Education as a Type I full day special education and related services program for students ages 11-21, with autism, emotional disabilities and/or intellectual disabilities. The school addresses the students’ physical, psychological, intellectual, and social needs. We are dedicated to changing lives.


Q: What type of first impression does YIT strive to give?

A: Individualization. At YIT we really focus on the needs of the individual student. Students who receive special education services have an Individualized Education

Program (IEP) through which the school can meet their individual needs and provide accommodations just for them.


Q: What are you most excited for about the upcoming school year?

A: Going into the year with a physical plan that supports our mission and core values as well as having qualified staff that allows students to grown and succeed at YIT. 


Q: How will the new/upgraded building help YIT?

A: More conducive to students, brighter larger spaces, larger class room size, increased technology, etc.


Q: What pushes you personally out of bed every

morning as Executive Director of Education?

A: The desire to make a different in lives of students and family with special needs. This is my 18th school year working with the population and is important professionally and personally since I have a child with special needs.