Thanksgiving Message

Dear Fellow Employees:

As we celebrate Thanksgiving with our friends and family, I wanted to share many reasons we are thankful for at NCIA.

NCIA has a long-standing tradition of celebrating the Thanksgiving season in all programs. Our Vocational Training Centers treated students to a holiday meal with staff serving the students; our Community Living Program caters Thanksgiving meals at every home; our Meaningful Day program had a grand celebration with food and fun, and we made sure every Youth in Transition student has a Thanksgiving meal at home.

We give thanks for the many partnerships NCIA has developed in our community. NCIA’s VTC Baltimore has been selected for the 2022 Mayor’s Business Recognition Award, awarded to the organization that demonstrates outstanding service and has significantly improved the city of Baltimore.  Aaron Cook, an employee of Business Services, was acknowledged at the MD Works Employment Awards ceremony. Aaron has been a dedicated NCIA Business Services Department member for nine years. He currently works at the Catonsville Courthouse, lives independently, and uses public transportation to and from work. He is a true example of the impact our programs can make!

We are thankful for the many Community partners we’ve established during the year at all our programs, including the NBA Foundation, Salvation Army, Project PLASE, Meals on Wheels, Blue Water Baltimore, and the list goes on and on.  Our programs have actively engaged with our community positively, and it feels great to give back.

At Youth in Transition School, we completed the onsite monitoring visit from the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) to determine compliance with the Code of Maryland regulations.  This happens every five years and is a requirement to continue to operate Youth in Transition.  We are thankful to the YIT team for this significant accomplishment.

NCIA is thankful for a milestone year. We celebrated our 45th anniversary, honored our co-founder and CEO, Herb Hoelter, in his semi-retirement, and launched the NCIA Foundation all in one evening at the Reginald Lewis Museum.  What a fantastic event, and I am still in awe over everything our co-founders Jerry Miller and Herb Hoelter created at NCIA.  The legacy continues!

We are thankful to have opened a beautiful Memorial Garden to provide a space for NCIA staff, families, and program participants to celebrate the lives of people we’ve lost.

For the first time since 2019, NCIA is coming together to celebrate the holiday season with an in-person holiday party at Martins West.  Our holiday committee has a wonderful evening planned for December 2nd, including food, entertainment, raffles, and dancing. We look forward to seeing you there.

The dedicated team at NCIA is here to support the people in our program; without such a dedicated team, we would not be able to fulfill our mission.  I am grateful to all of you that persevered through turbulent times and showed outstanding commitment and resilience.  Every successful student and program participant is a testament to your efforts.

I wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving filled with joy, peace, and happiness.


Carole Argo

President and CEO

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