Corporate Compliance

About This Department

The mission of NCIA’s Corporate Compliance & Quality Department is to foster an environment of continuous quality improvement throughout the entire organization. This is how we measure, analyze and enhance our services, policies and processes.

The NCIA Corporate Compliance & Quality Department will provide ongoing feedback such as the satisfaction of those using our services, internal processes & policies, and collecting data to evaluate and improve what we do and how well we do it.  It means providing training and communication on those improvements throughout the agency.

“Compliance is making sure we do what is expected of us as a company/employee.”

“Quality is how we excel while doing it.”

The Corporate Compliance & Quality Department is responsible for the following throughout NCIA programs & services:

  • Incident investigation and response (including fraud, privacy, ethics and abuse)
  • Ongoing monitoring, internal auditing and technical assistance for NCIA programs
  • Data analysis for use in Continuous Quality Improvement
  • Updating and providing guidance for all regulatory and government compliance
  • Providing training and education supports to leadership and staff
  • Maintaining clear lines of communication for stakeholder reporting on compliance concerns
  • Ongoing analysis of the agency’s Policies & Procedures (both Corporate and Program-specific)
  • Risk analysis and providing guidance on evolving legal and regulatory requirements

Compliance Resources