After 45 years of inspiring work, Herb is stepping aside from his role as CEO to launch and lead a new foundation dedicated to helping NCIA expand its resources and impact.

It’s time to celebrate Herb’s life work and raise funds to
continue NCIA’s legacy.

NCIA has a reputation for stepping up to serve people with a multitude
of challenges. NCIA supports people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, mental health diagnoses, addictions, homelessness and criminal justice involvement. The holistic array of services provided by NCIA include educational, vocational training, employment, community inclusion, and residential living opportunities.

With your support, NCIA can continue to help people live productive
and meaningful lives.

NCIA provides integrated, personalized services for people with disabilities or societal disadvantages.

Our community living facilities provide physical, clinical, and social environments designed to provide stability and continuity for individuals who would otherwise require institutional services.

NCIA’s Business Service Team obtains commercial, state, and federal contracts to employ people with disabilities.

NCIA assists defense attorneys with specialized, individualized sentencing data reports, videos, and other materials that will help them obtain alternative sentencing for their clients. We also provide parole release advocacy, institutional designation and transfer, and release planning.

Our Youth In Transition School (YIT) is a special education and related services program for students ages 11-21 with autism, emotional disabilities, and/or intellectual disabilities.

We provide vocational training and support services to veterans, returning citizens, opportunity youth, and those receiving federal assistance.

Our Career Development Center provides facility-based and virtual programming for adults aged 21 and over with intellectual and developmental disabilities.