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Individual Focus, Community Perspective

“The mission of the National Center on Institutions and Alternatives (NCIA) is to help create a society in which all persons who come into contact with human service or correctional systems are provided an environment of individual care, concern and treatment. NCIA is dedicated to developing quality programs and professional services that advocate timely intervention and unconditional care.”

The Latest News From NCIA

Reopen Plan for Main Office (7130 Rutherford Rd.)

Safe Reopen Plan for 7130 Rutherford~7.01.2020

Extension of Pay – July

July 1, 2020 Dear Fellow Staff: On June 12, 2020, I announced that NCIA had extended additional pay to reward our front-line workers, our residential counselors and our job coaches. As a result, we were able to continue to pay an additional $2.50 per hour stipend for...

Health Updates 6/28

June 28, 2020 Dear Fellow Staff, Yet another COVID-19 week is behind us, and we continue to improve, both at NCIA and in our communities. I feel so proud of all of our staff that we have “kept the doors open” in virtually all of our programs. Many agencies closed...

Administrative Office
7130 Rutherford Road
Baltimore, MD 21244

Career Development Center
2621 Lord Baltimore Drive
Baltimore, MD 21244

Youth In Transition School
7205 Rutherford Road
Baltimore, MD 21244

HJH Vocational Training Center - Baltimore
301 South Central Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21202

HJH Vocational Training Center - Charlotte
517 Blairhill Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28217



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