Adults with Disabilities

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For Adults with Disabilities

Located throughout Baltimore County, Baltimore City, and Laurel, NCIA’s trained staff supports adults with disabilities, helping people live, work, and connect in their community. NCIA partners with people with disabilities to help them live the lives that they envision while promoting lifelong learning, self-determination, community connectedness, employment, and independence skills.

NCIA programs and services are contracted through the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) and/or the Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS).

We currently offer the following programs:

1. Community Living/Residential

Adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities choose where they want to live and who they want to live with. Our newly refurbished homes offer a variety of living choices, from living out in the country to being on a bus line. NCIA has it all!

We supply as little or as much supports as the person needs, all the way up to 24 hours a day. NCIA provides nursing and clinical supports as well. Our staff are there to meet each person’s individual support needs and preferences.

2. Employment Programs

Employment & Community Inclusion Program at NCIA’s Career Development Center

NCIA supports full inclusion of people with disabilities in the workplace and in the community. Under the Employment First approach, community-based integrated competitive employment is a first option for people with significant disabilities.

Our Employment and Community Inclusion Program matches the employment seeker with a job developer to help determine employment goals. We help people explore a full range of employment options while considering each person’s unique talents, strengths, skills, and interests. We also partner with the Division of Rehabilitation Services to provide job development and job coaching.

Programs range from job development and employment training to career discovery, volunteerism, recreational activities, and community engagement. Our programs also focus on everyday life skills such as socialization and soft skills, communication, life-skills, math and reading, self-care, self-advocacy, problem-solving, community access and safety skills, and health and wellness training.

3. Business Services

NCIA works to secure commercial, state, and federal contracts to employ people with disabilities. Our integrated workforce includes almost 100 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who provide a variety of excellent community-centered services, from cleaning and sanitizing buildings to using front loaders to push snow off the parking lot. It’s a boon for all involved. Organizations including state and local governments benefit from receiving highly trained and eager employees, and people with disabilities gain a steady, fulfilling job. The community gets a job well done. Win, win, and win.

4. Respite and Behavioral Respite

Our trained and competent staff provide short-term respite in our licensed homes. Respite Care Services are authorized by the DDA and designed to meet the family’s needs. Respite participants are welcomed with open arms and are offered an array of engaging activities during the course of their stay.

Our Behavioral Respite program provides intensive behavioral services with a primary goal of helping people reduce the frequency, intensity, and duration of challenging behaviors and/or managing co-occurring mental health issues so that they can return to a community-based placement with a DDA provider or family/caregiver.

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