Returning Citizens & SNAP Recipients

Excelling in Their Lives

With a mission “to equip participants with marketable skill sets to foster career opportunities,” we provide returning citizens, veterans, the homeless, and other economically challenged citizens with the resources and training to become productive, confident, and fulfilled members of society.

Through our lauded Vocational Training Center (VTC), recipients receive excellent incarceration rehabilitation and a hand up through vocational training, case management, workforce development and job placement—the tools they need to succeed. We offer training in a number of sought-after careers, including automotive repair, commercial driver’s license (CDL) class B, drone, HVAC/R, and culinary arts, as well as access to important wrap-around housing, transportation, and expungement services.

These recipients are equipped to secure rewarding careers and build self-sustaining, self-confident lives for themselves, their families, and the communities they touch. We are privileged to watch this transformation occur regularly, and we are thrilled to help them on their journeys to excel in life.




We cannot help returning citizens and SNAP recipients excel in their lives without you! Your donations help fund the critical programs that enable participants to flourish, embrace their independence, and build an even stronger community.

We are grateful for the support that our NCIA family has provided over the years, and we look forward to continuing to provide these life-bettering—and life-changing services—to our recipients.

We welcome your donations and thank you sincerely for your heartfelt help and support. Your gifts make a real difference in real lives every time. Thank you.

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