Our Mission

Care, Concern, & Treatment
Our Mission

We’ve been focused on one mission since 1977:

“To help create a society in which all persons who come into contact with human service or correctional systems are provided an environment of individual care, concern, and treatment. NCIA is dedicated to developing quality programs and professional services that advocate timely intervention and unconditional care.”

With an individual focus grounded in a community perspective, this social justice mission has remained true for the past four and a half decades, helping adults with disabilities, youth with disabilities, and returning citizens and SNAP recipients lead fulfilling, meaningful lives that benefit them, their families, and the greater community. We look forward to providing essential disability advocacy, support, and care to continue this mission.

NCIA’s Vision

Together with this mission, we adhere to an important social justice vision as well:

We aim to Make a Difference by providing exceptional services to each and every individual. We strive to:

  • Be the service provider of choice as evaluated by our customers (government referring and licensing agencies and private clients) and by the outcome measures for those we serve.
  • Be the employer of choice as determined by those who wish a career in the human services field and by our employee retention record.
  • Be a significant factor in addressing the social issues that are the heart of our mission.

With our mission and vision to guide us, we can be the force that helps recipients expand their experiences, exceed their highest potential, and excel in their lives. We can help them be extraordinary.



We cannot help adults with disabilities expand their experiences, youth with disabilities exceed their potential, and returning citizens and SNAP recipients excel in their lives without you! Your donations help fund the critical programs that enable participants to flourish, embrace their independence, and build an even stronger community.

We are grateful for the support that our NCIA family has provided over the years, and we look forward to continuing to provide these life-bettering—and life-changing services—to our recipients.

We welcome your donations and thank you sincerely for your heartfelt help and support. Your gifts make a real difference in real lives every time. Thank you.