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Martin State Police Aviation Command

Martin State Police –  Flight Training Building

Martin State Airport

Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) –Annapolis

Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) – White Oak

MDTA ICC Western  & ICC Eastern

MDTA – Point Breeze Building

MDTA Police Headquarters & Quartermaster Admin Building

MDTA Police & Admin Building- Annapolis (Bay Bridge)

MDTA Weight Stations -Annapolis

Hickey School

I95 Rest Area

Catonsville Courthouse

Scope of Services – Capabilities of NCIA’s Business Services Department

NCIA with over 40 years experience in providing services and employment opportunities for people with disabilities, including working with MBE subcontractors in various capacities, NCIA has long established processes and operations expertise to fulfill its mission.

Maryland is in need of total facility management contracts. We are prepared to handle any tier one contacts that Source America provides. Currently we are fulfilling the requirements on the I95 rest area for total facility management.

NCIA is experienced in providing building management services and performing the following services according to the detailed specifications:

  1. HVAC Systems 
  2. Janitorial Services 
  3. Snow/Ice Removal 
  4. Window Cleaning
  5. Pest Control 
  6. Interior Painting 
  7. Landscaping 
  8. Any and all other services necessary for the proper maintenance and operation of the building.  
  9. Electrical systems 
  10. Site lighting 
  11. Plumbing and utilities 
  12. Roadway and parking lot maintenance


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