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NCIA Joins Campaign for Compassionate Release

NCIA is pleased and honored to be a partner with the Campaign for Compassionate Release.  Yesterday, we joined with other campaign partners to send the Director of the BOP, Mark Inch, an impassioned letter pleading for the BOP to increase compassionate release of...

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BOP Seeks Input on Viability of “Regional” RRC Contracts

The country's largest private prison operators (who also operate many of the BOP's Residential Reentry Centers, or RRC's) must have been pleased to learn that the BOP is considering some serious consolidation of its RRC contracts.  That is, if the idea didn't come...

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Winning Lower Sentences Over the Last 10 Years. Why? Part II

Community service works because it offers judges an alternative sentence for defendants who would better serve the community in a structured and rigorous community service placement than behind bars. Often white collar criminals are first time offenders who can offer...

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Winning Lower Sentences Over the Last 10 Years. Why?

Our Federal Sentencing Statistical Analysis Report is a tangible link between our clients and similarly situated defendants. The data, which analyzes guidelines, specific offense characteristics, statutes, enhancements, and departures, works because it gives judges...

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Did Sean Payton deserve a “Madoff sentence”?

The recent sanction of New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton by Commissioner Roger Goodell and the accompanying debate on the severity and harshness of his one-year suspension has significant parallels in the sentencing of criminal defendants in high profile cases. The one that comes immediately to mind is the sentencing of Bernie Madoff.

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