Left, Left, Left, Right, Left! The Maryland Freestate ChalleNGe Academy cadets marched proudly, holding their certificates of completion after completing our Culinary, Automotive and Barbering Vocational Training Programs. We couldn’t be more proud of each cadet’s dedication to take charge and choose to make a difference in their lives by learning a new professional trade.  Their newfound experience will make them more marketable in the work force!

Here’s what some of the cadets had to say about how they plan to use what they learned to better their future:

Cadet Britton, Culinary Arts:Being a part of the culinary program has shown me how to make a lot of recipes and I would like to use it in a future job at Ihop or another restaurant, because I like to cook”.

Cadet Davall, Culinary Arts:I plan to go to college for culinary. That was always my dream. That’s why I wanted to join this program”.

Cadet Littlejohn, Barbering:Being in this program is a big advantage because a lot of people don’t get this opportunity. In the future I plan on opening up my own barbershop and this really helps with going down that path. I already have experience from this program, so the next step would be to get more hours, more experience and kick off from there”.

Cadet Johnson, Barbering:I plan on using this in the future by finding a barbershop to work at, so I can gain more skills from cutting hair and learning how to cut more hairstyles for customers”.

Cadet Dews, Automotive:  “In the future I plan on working in a mechanic shop, and if I decide to go into the military, I plan on being a mechanic while there”.

Cadet Williams, Automotive:  “I plan on using this in the future by working on cars in my neighborhood, as well as my own car that I get. I also want to work in auto mechanic shops”.
Watch this video to see what other cadets had to say about our program:

This is our second successful class of Freestate Cadets who have completed our training program and we wish each cadet the best of luck with their future ambitions. We would also like to give a special thanks to each of our instructors for making this possible by providing hands on training techniques which made the learning experience most effective. Way to go Cadets!