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NCIA is a nonprofit founded in 1977 dedicated to bettering the lives of veterans, returning citizens, opportunity youth and those receiving federal assistance and others. We help guide our candidates through training in vocational pursuits like automotive repair or CDL licenses, help them attain their industry-required credentials, provide comprehensive support services and ultimately help them find profound, profitable work.

Good Grows

Your donations provide real, measurable success for our graduates, their families, their employers and the communities they touch. We serve over 700 graduates annually. Each bit of good begets more, and it’s a ripple of positivity that moves outwards to all of us. 

Providing specialized vocational training and workforce development assistance to those who were incarcerated is helping to reduce recidivism rates in the communities we serve. Giving these individuals a purpose and feeling of success can be a strength that helps them to keep their lives changed for the better.

Today we are helping the citizens of Baltimore, MD, Charlotte and Raleigh, NC, Philadelphia, PA, and Washington D.C. with plans to open up new vocational training centers in cities around the U.S. Head to our locations page to stay informed.

Special thanks to our current funding partners. 

Turning Stats Around

By the Numbers:

  • We place 74% of graduates in jobs.
  • In Maryland, one study showed a recidivism rate of 40%. However, that number dropped to zero for ex-offenders who had achieved six months of employment.
  • Across the country, statewide rates of recidivism range 31-70%, while the rates dropped for those placed in jobs shortly after their release to 3.3-8%.
  • According to some studies, it costs (on average depending on the state) six times as much to keep someone in prison for a year than to train and place them in a job.

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